Backflow Testing

Greg Tanzer Sprinklers is a NJ Licensed Backflow Device Inspector. Backflow of water can allow bacteria and other contaminants to enter your tap and drinking water supply. It is dangerous because it can allow drinking water to become contaminated, unusable and possibly deadly. The only way to avoid this problem is to install a backflow prevention device. A backflow prevention device is a plumbing system which prevents water from flowing back into you’re drinking water and contaminating it.

Sprinkler systems, among many other devices, require a backflow preventer. To protect these devices, and as required by law, you must have these devices tested by a certified backflow inspector. Greg Tanzer sprinklers has been a certified backflow device inspector for over 10 years.

All new installations of a backflow prevention device in a residence must be inspected when it is installed. And backflow prevention devices installed in a commercial building must be inspected annually. Also, if you are in the market to purchase a new home, it is always smart to have you device inspected. You wouldn’t want your drinking water contaminated!

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