Outdoor Lighting Installation

The residential property maintenance experts at Greg Tanzer Sprinklers can take care of your outdoor lighting installation needs. We’ll come to your home, survey the areas you want to be illuminated, and discuss all of your options with you. To help make it easier for you to decide what you like best, we provide a temporary lighting demonstration kit. This temporary system allows you to have the opportunity to see the nighttime effect of his or her custom lighting systems before he or she commits to a full system installation. When we’re finished, your outdoor space will be beautifully and strategically lit.

Our lighting installation packages include a photocell and a programmable timer. This will give you the option of turning the lights on and off at your desired time or when it gets dark or light out. More than a simple timer, our automated controller enables you to decide which lights will be lit and when they will turn on and off. Once your installation is complete, it’s important to keep up with regular lighting maintenance to keep your property illuminated and safe. Contact Greg Tanzer Sprinklers today for your outdoor lighting installation.