Sprinkler Installation

Water is essential for keeping a healthy, vibrant, and colorful landscape. Our sprinkler system maintenance contract includes an activation, a midseason inspection, and a winterization PLUS a discount on parts. With a professionally installed system, you will not have to waste your time dragging hoses across your property or forgetting that you left them on, causing the over-watering of your lawn. Our systems are designed for efficient and minimal over-spray. Also, a professionally designed and installed system will add to the value of your property by enhancing the “curb appeal” for a beautiful landscape environment as well as providing a tax-deferrable home improvement.

With over 30 years of residential sprinkler system experience and expertise, Greg Tanzer Sprinklers has earned its reputation as New Jersey’s “Irrigation King.”

A well-designed and installed residential sprinkler system is a fundamental component of good lawn and landscape maintenance. Every residential sprinkler system we design and install is custom-configured to the specific home location and environment to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure the homeowner’s landscaping investment is protected with the right amount of watering. Why waste time and money with an inferior system and poor installation that often results in an inadequately watered landscape investment?

There are many different ways to lay out and set up a residential sprinkler system. The irrigation professionals at Greg Tanzer Sprinklers will determine that best match for your property and conditions. Our experts have the knowledge and understanding of not just sprinkler equipment, but plumbing and electrical systems, too, to help us develop the perfect solution for your property and your budget. Just as important, they have a thorough understanding of all state and municipal codes that can affect your sprinkler system and how and when your lawn and gardens can be watered so you can meet all codes and avoid unnecessary expense.

Greg Tanzer Sprinklers is a certified New Jersey backflow device inspector – with every system installation, we perform the backflow inspection required by New Jersey law AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Once your residential sprinkler is installed and inspected, it’s important to properly maintain it.